Produkteigenschaften von 1085 Aluminiumspule

Aluminiumlegierung 1085 ist eine hochreine Aluminiumlegierung mit spezifischen Eigenschaften, die sie für bestimmte Anwendungen geeignet machen. Hier sind einige der Produkteigenschaften von 1085 Aluminiumspule:

Hohe Reinheit: Aluminiumlegierung 1085 gilt als hochreine Aluminiumlegierung, mit einem Aluminiumgehalt von mindestens 99.85%. This high purity contributes to its excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Elektrische Leitfähigkeit: 1085 aluminum coil exhibits high electrical conductivity, making it suitable for applications in the electrical and electronics industries. It can be used in conductors, bus bars, and other electrical components that require efficient el electrical transmission.

Korrosionsbeständigkeit: Die hohe Reinheit von 1085 aluminum contributes to its corrosion resistance, particularly in environments where it might be exposed to moisture or certain chemicals. This makes it suitable for applications where protection against corrosion is essential.

Bearbeitbarkeit: 1085 aluminum coil is relatively soft and malleable, allowing it to be easily formed, bent, and shaped through various processes. Its workability makes it useful for applications that require complex forming, such as in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Reflectivity: Like many other aluminum alloys, 1085 aluminum has good reflectivity, which makes it suitable for applications that require reflective surfaces, such as lighting fixtures and reflective insulation.

Non-Heat-Treatable: Similar to other high-purity aluminum alloys, 1085 is non-heat-treatable. This means that it doesn’t respond to heat treatment for strengthening. Its strength can be increased through cold working or strain hardening.

Low Mechanical Strength: Due to its high purity, 1085 aluminum has relatively low mechanical strength compared to some other aluminum alloys. Its mechanical properties can be improved through cold working, but it’s generally not as strong as heat- treatable alloys.

Common Applications: 1085 aluminum coil can be used in various applications, including electrical conductors, Transformatorwicklungen, capacitors, Wärmetauscher, reflective panels, and other products that require a combination of electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.