How much is aluminum coil price per kg?

How much is a ton of aluminum coil?How much does an aluminum coil cost?This is a concern of many aluminum coil buyers. Huawei Aluminum shares the latest current price of aluminum sheet coils here for reference by purchasing manufacturers.

At present, the quotation method of most aluminum alloy coil manufacturers in the market consists of two parts: aluminum ingot price, raw material and processing fee.

1. The price of aluminum ingots will fluctuate due to the influence of market conditions.
2. The processing fee of aluminum coil is fixed by the manufacturer, and the quotation should be stable.

china aluminum coil price list as follow:

Al Price Date Market aluminum varieties Range Price Average ¥ To $ Ups And Downs
2022-09-21 Changjiang Nonferrous Aluminum 18530-18570 18550¥ 2634$ -140¥
Shanghai Spot Aluminum 18530-18570 18550¥ 2634$ -140¥
Nanhai Nonferrous Aluminum 18790-18890 18840¥ 2675$ -140¥
Guangdong South Aluminum Storage 18520-18580 18550¥ 2634$ -130¥
Central Color Aluminum 18550¥ 2634$ -140¥

aluminum sheet coil supplier

What are the factors that affect the price of aluminum sheet coil?

1. The price of processing raw material aluminum ingots.

The further processed products such as aluminum plate, aluminum foil, and aluminum coil are all produced from aluminum ingots, so the price of the raw material aluminum ingot metal determines the export price of these deep-processed products. The price of aluminum ingots is generally related to exchange rates, local policies, and the international environment, and the changes are not very large.

2.Aluminum coil suppliers 

The supplier’s quotation is also an important part of the buyer. In order to obtain higher benefits, some suppliers quote a higher price for aluminum coil price per pound, which does not meet the buyer’s expectation. So choose an aluminum coil sheet manufacturer to get a reasonable quotation.

3. Purchased aluminum coil alloy

Different alloys have different processing states and added metals, and the conditions required in the production process are also different, so there are certain differences in prices. Such as 1050 aluminum coil price, 1060 aluminum coil price, 1100 aluminum coil price, 3003 aluminum coil price, 5052 aluminum coil price, 5083 aluminum coil price, 5182 aluminum coil price, 6000 series aluminum price coil,6061 aluminum coil price ,these alloys are not the same price.

4. Types of aluminum coils.

There are various surface treatment methods for aluminum coils, embossed aluminum coils, color-coated aluminum coils,painted aluminum coil,prepainted aluminum coil,aluminum coil stock prices,aluminum gutter coil prices,aluminum roofing coil,aluminum trim coil also have different prices.

Aluminum sheet coil supplier

As an aluminum alloy supplier in China, we have been engaged in the production of aluminum sheet coils for more than 20 years, and have exported large quantities of aluminum sheet and coil products. We have been giving customers the most affordable price while ensuring product quality, so that both parties benefit.

Below is the range of aluminum sheet coils that we can offer at favorable prices.

1000 series aluminum sheet coil 1050,1060,1100,1200 aluminum coil sheet
3000 series aluminum sheet coil 3003,3004,3105 aluminium sheet coil
5000 series aluminum sheet coil 5005,5052,5083,5754 aluminum sheet coils
6000 series aluminum sheet coil 6060,6061,6083 aluminum coil
8000 series aluminum sheet coil 8011,8021,8079