What is aluminum trim coil?

Aluminum trim coil is a versatile building material, a thin piece of aluminum coil that can be custom cut and bent on the job site to achieve a perfect fit to the building. It is also often used to cover exposed wood trim, and the surface is often polyester-coated.
Trim coil aluminun metal is easy to maintain and has a good effect of protecting wood or decoration. It is a cost-effective aluminum metal finishing material.

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Aluminum trim coil manufacturers

HWALU Aluminum is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the production and operation of aluminum and aluminum alloys. The main products are aluminum and aluminum alloy sheets, aluminum coils, film-coated aluminum sheets, aluminum coils, patterned aluminum sheets, embossed aluminum sheets, and other products.

We can ensure a short processing and production cycle, strictly control the production process in accordance with quality standards and quality policies, and get your approval and affirmation in all aspects of the aluminum trim coil.

Aluminum trim coil thickness

The thickness production of Aluminum trim coil needs to be formulated according to the user’s usage scenario, usually 4inch thick, 8inch, etc. are used more. The following table shows the conventional size and thickness conversion.

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The size of aluminum trim coil chart

1 inch aluminum trim coil 25.4mm
2 inch aluminum trim coil 50.7mm
3 inch aluminum trim coil 76.2mm
4 inch aluminum trim coil 101.6mm
5 inch aluminum trim coil 127.0mm
6 inch aluminum trim coil 152.4mm
7 inch aluminum trim coil 177.8mm
8 inch aluminum trim coil 203.2mm
9 inch aluminum trim coil 228.6mm
10 inch aluminum trim coil 253.4mm
11 inch aluminum trim coil 279.4mm
12 inch aluminum trim coil 304.8mm
13 inch aluminum trim coil 330.2mm
14 inch aluminum trim coil 355.6mm
15 inch aluminum trim coil 381.0mm
16 inch aluminum trim coil406.4mm
17 inch aluminum trim coil431.8mm
18 inch aluminum trim coil457.2mm
19 inch aluminum trim coil482.6mm
20 inch aluminum trim coil508.0mm

Aluminum trim coil features:

1. The aluminum trim coil is soft and has good metal processing performance.
2. The aluminum trim coil alloy has strong plasticity and can be processed in a variety of ways.
3.Best aluminum trim coil alloy has large reserves and is widely used.

Aluminum trim coils color chart

What color are the aluminum coils? Since the aluminum coil can be surface-coated, it can be painted in various conventional colors, so the choice of colors is varied.

Black aluminum trim coilMusket Brown aluminum trim coilRoyal Brown aluminum trim coil
Dark Bronze aluminum trim coilLight Bronze aluminum trim coilNorwood aluminum trim coil
Clay aluminum trim coilBlue aluminum trim coilGreen aluminum trim coil
White color trim coilRed color aluminum trimGrey aluminum coil trim

Aluminum trim coil type

  • pvc coated aluminum trim coil 

  • pvc aluminum trim coil

  • best aluminum trim coil

  • aluminum trim coil home depot

  • wood grain aluminum trim coil

  • textured aluminum trim coil