3105 H18 алюминий катушкасының өнімділік сипаттамалары

Aluminum alloy 3105-H18 is a commonly used material in a variety of industries, especially in sheet, coil and other forms of manufacturing. 3105 H18 aluminum coi has been strain hardened and partially annealed, which has greatly improved its mechanical properties.

Коррозияға төзімділік: Aluminum coil 3105-H18 has excellent corrosion resistance and is suitable for outdoor environments or applications exposed to moisture and various weather conditions.

Қалыптастырушылық: 3105 h18 aluminum coil can be easily formed and formed using a variety of common methods, including rolling, bending and stamping.

Strength: The “H18” temper designation indicates that the 3105 aluminum coil has been strain hardened to increase strength. Can provide good mechanical properties for many applications.

Дәнекерлеу мүмкіндігі: Алюминий 3105 is generally considered easy to weld using a variety of welding techniques.

Paintability: Aluminum 3105-H18 can be easily coated with a variety of paints and finishes.

Ductility: 3105-H18 aluminum is relatively ductile and can plastically deform without breaking.

Электр өткізгіштік: 3105 aluminum has good electrical conductivity.