Танымал щеткалы алюминий катушкасы

Aluminum coil is a material widely used in decoration and construction projects. As one of its applications, brushed aluminum coils are widely welcomed because of their unique surface effects. They are widely used and can be used in aluminum ceilings, aluminum curtain walls, door and window frames, furniture and other fields. Brushed aluminum coils and brushed aluminum foil not only have good decorative effects, but also have protective properties that are unmatched by other materials.

Brushed aluminum coil is a specially treated aluminum coil. Its surface presents a delicate and layered brushed effect. Осы уақытта, due to the characteristics of its material itself, it has multiple functions such as rust prevention, коррозияға қарсы, and fire prevention. The emergence of this material has injected a new color into modern decoration and construction projects.

Brushed алюминий катушкалар can be customized into various specifications and models according to the needs of individual buildings, thus fully meeting the needs of designers and builders. Оның үстіне, compared with other materials, the cost of brushed aluminum coils is also relatively low, allowing decoration to gain advantages in cost performance.

In interior decoration, brushed aluminum coil sheets are widely used. It can not only be used as decorative materials for walls, төбелер, шкафтар, жиһаз, т.б., but can also be used in stair handrails, elevator doors, floor skirtings, т.б. The special effects on its surface can be matched with various styles of decoration, making the interior more artistic and modern.