Алюминий катушкаларын өндірудің техникалық стандарттары

GB/T 10456-1989 Anodized aluminum hot stamping foil
GB/T 9734-1988 Chemical reagents General method for the determination of aluminum
GB/T 9538-1988 General specification for ribbon cable connectors
GB/T 9489.4-1988 Complexometric titration of alumina content in corundum powder-fluoride release determination method
GB/T 9438-1999 Aluminum alloy castings
GB/T 8733-2000 Cast aluminum alloy ingots
GB/T 6454-1986 Zirconium-aluminum alloy rings and pieces for suction
GB/T 6453-1986 Zirconium-aluminum alloy composite strip for suction
GB/T 6452-1986 Zirconium-aluminum alloy powder for suction
GB/T 3959-1994 Industrial Anhydrous Aluminum Chloride
GB/T 3151-1982 Water Purifier Aluminum Sulfate
GB/T 1871.3-1995 Determination of alumina content in phosphate rock and phosphate concentrate Volumetric and spectrophotometric methods
GB/T 1196-2002 Aluminum ingots for remelting
GB/T 17397-1998 Technical Regulations for Dust and Gas Prevention in Aluminum Electrolytic Production
GB/T 17208-1998 Fixed capacitors for electronic equipmentPart 18: Blank detail specificationNon-solid electrolyte chip aluminum fixed capacitorsEvaluation level E