What is 18 gutter aluminum coil?

“18 gutter” means the width is 18 inches at the bottom of the aluminum coil gutter, also written as 18″ gutter aluminum coil.
aluminum gutter coil
aluminium gutter coils

What thickness is gutter coil?

The width of the aluminum gutter coil has various specifications, and the conventional one is 5-18 inch K-type aluminum gutter. The range of wall thickness is 0.8-2.0mm, and the outer diameter is 180mm. More specifications are shown in the table.

Aluminum Gutter SpecificationsBottom wall width/ThicknessInch(in)
5″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil127 mm 5 inch
6″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil152 mm 6 inch
7″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil177 mm 7inch
8″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil203 mm 8 inch
9″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil229 mm 9 inch
10″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil254 mm 10 inch
11″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil279 mm 11 inch
12″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil304 mm 12 inch
13″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil330mm 13 inch
14″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil355 mm 14 inch
15″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil381 mm 15 inch
16″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil406 mm 16 inch
17″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil431 mm 17 inch
18″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil457 mm 18 inch
19″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil482 mm 19 inch
20″ K Type Aluminum Gutter Coil508 mm 20 inch

Advantages of using aluminum gutter coil

1. Double water stop line design: Aluminum gutter coil prevents rainwater from flowing to the wall along the outer wall of the gutter, and the three-dimensional effect of the polluted wall is stronger
2.Aluminum gutter coil radian deepens: refuses to cut corners and has a strong sense of hierarchy, and the effect of looking up is better
3. The installation of the two reinforcing ribs is more stable: the aluminum gutter coil is stronger and harder than the flat plate
4. High-grade cover embossed orchid design is more high-grade concave-convex double-layer design: better waterproof
5.Aluminum gutter coil radian is bigger and stronger

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