Aluminum coil Supplier

Aluminium coils are metal products that are subjected to flying shear after being rolled and cast at the casting mill.

Aluminum coils are widely used in electronics, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, construction, machinery and other fields. There are many aluminum coil manufacturers in China, the production technology has caught up with developed countries, and the price is more advantageous. According to the different metal elements contained in the aluminum coil, the aluminum coil can be roughly divided into 8 categories. That is, it can be divided into 1-8 series.

As a professional aluminum coil supplier&factory, we can provide you with aluminum coils for various industrial applications. Hot selling color coated aluminum coil, mirror aluminum coil, anodized aluminum coil.

Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd

Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd (HWALU for short), a privately-owned enterprise established in 2001, is located in Huiguo Town which is the famous Aluminum Capital in Henan Province, China. There are 1,200 employees including a R&D team with 26 specialists, and covers an area of 250,000 square meters.

In order to move with the times, HWALU keeps introducing the state of the art equipment and technique to improve its competitiveness. At present, there are 16 cast processing lines, 3 CC processing lines, 1 DC processing line, 3 cutting machines, 2 slitting machines, 1 tension level machine, 20 annealing furnaces, 3 punching machines , 2 coil casting lines, with 2 matched vertical and 1 horizontal slitting machine.

HWALU is committed to providing high-quality aluminum alloy coils for export, with a monthly production capacity of 2,000 tons, providing aluminum alloy raw materials to more than 200 countries in the world. Give back to customers at the factory price.

We can produce aluminum products by customer’s requirements, and our products mainly includes aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum strip, round aluminum circle, aluminum tread plate, embossed aluminum, mirror aluminum, anodized aluminum, color coated aluminum, heat transfer plates, and other aluminum machining parts,etc.



What are the most common uses for aluminum coils?

Aluminum coils are widely used in various industries due to their good properties such as light weight, corrosion resistance and ductility. Some of the most common uses for aluminum coils include: Construction and building materials: Roofing: Aluminum coils are used to create durable and corrosion-resistant roofing materials. Siding: They are used to produce siding for residential and commercial buildings. Gu ...

What is the corrosion resistance of 0.5mm thick aluminum coils?

The corrosion resistance of 0.5 mm thick aluminum coils depends on the specific alloy used in making the coils. Different aluminum alloys exhibit varying levels of corrosion resistance due to their elemental composition and the presence of protective surface treatments. Generally speaking, aluminum is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, mainly due to the formation of a thin transparent oxide layer on ...

What products can be processed from 1mm aluminum coils?

Aluminum coils with a thickness of 1mm can be used to manufacture a variety of products across different industries. The specific products that can be processed from 1mm aluminum coils will depend on the alloy, temper, and other characteristics of the aluminum, as well as the equipment and processes available. Here are some common products that can be manufactured using 1mm aluminum coils: Roofing and Cladding ...

How are aluminum coils made?

Aluminum coils are typically manufactured through a series of processes that begin with the extraction of aluminum from bauxite ore, then continue through rolling and finishing processes. The following is an overview of the typical steps involved in manufacturing aluminum coils: Bauxite Extraction: The primary raw material for aluminum production is bauxite, a mineral containing aluminum oxide (Al2O3). Bauxite ...

What are the end applications of aluminum coils?

Aluminum coils are versatile products with a wide range of end applications in various industries. Their flexibility, lightweight nature, corrosion resistance and high strength-to-weight ratio make them a popular choice for numerous applications. Here are some common end applications for aluminum coils: Aluminum coils are used in construction: roofing materials Siding and Cladding Gutters and downspouts Fa ...

1050 aluminum coil vs 1060 aluminum coil

1050 aluminum coil and 1060 aluminum coil are common models in a series of alloys. They have many similarities and some differences. Characteristic 1050 Aluminum Coil 1060 Aluminum Coil Alloy Composition Aluminum (Al) 99.5% Aluminum (Al) 99.6% Strength Low Low Corrosion Resistance Good Excellent Workability Excellent Excellent Weldability Excellent Excellent Fo ...