Why use 3104 aluminum coil for cans?

Aluminum coil is widely used for cans because it is lightweight, durable, and can be easily shaped into various sizes and designs. Here are some of the key reasons why aluminum is a popular material for cans:

Lightweight: 3104 aluminum coil is a lightweight material, which means that cans made from it are easy to transport and handle. This is particularly important for the beverage industry, where large volumes of cans need to be shipped and stored.

Durability: Aluminum coil cans are strong and resistant to corrosion, which makes them ideal for storing beverages. They are also less likely to break or crack compared to glass bottles.

Versatility: Aluminum coil can be easily shaped into different sizes and designs to suit the needs of different beverages. This allows manufacturers to create unique and attractive packaging for their products.

Recyclability: Aluminum coil is a highly recyclable material, which means that cans made from it can be easily recycled and reused. This is important from an environmental perspective, as it helps to reduce waste and conserve resources.

Overall, aluminum is an excellent material for cans because of its combination of strength, durability, and versatility, as well as its environmentally friendly properties.

Learn 3104 H19 aluminum coil for can lid

Metal packaging such as cans is a good substitute for plastic packaging due to its recyclability and environmental friendliness. At present, most of the cans on the market are made of aluminum alloy. Among them, the lid (bottom) of the can The 3104 aluminum coil is used. According to statistics, the 3104 aluminum alloy is one of the thin plate products with a large output. The commonly used state is H19.

3104 h19 market of pop cans

3104 aluminum sheet and coil application The aluminum product system for cans in foreign countries is relatively mature. At present, people’s demand is still growing rapidly. With the improvement of economic level, the diversity of national consumption increases, and the demand for commodities packaged in cans is also increasing. more. The market for 3104 H19 aluminum coils for can lids (can bottoms) still has great potential, and it is also the direction of aluminum processing enterprises.

Aluminum coil 3104 h19 supply

The body, lid, and pull ring of the can are all made of aluminum alloy. Huawei Aluminum can produce 3104 aluminum sheet and coil for the lid of the can, providing high-quality raw materials for can manufacturers from all over the world. The 3104 aluminum coil produced by Huawei Aluminum has the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy, small thickness fluctuation, and stable performance. Huawei manufacturers can customize production according to needs to meet the requirements of different customers.

Specifications of 3104 H19 can lid material

Alloy grade: 3104
Material status: H19
Thickness : 0.2-0.36mm
Width : 800-1700mm

Features of 3104 aluminum coil for tank body

1. It has good tensile strength and deep drawing performance, and its elongation can reach 20%.
2. Due to the large amount of manganese, the alloy has good corrosion resistance.
3. Good processability and high plasticity.
4.3104 aluminum coil stamping has high elongation and good strength.
5.3104, as a can lid material, has good punching performance, excellent surface quality and mechanical properties.