What is coil Coated aluminum coil?

Aluminium coil coating process

The key step in the production of colored aluminum coils is the aluminium coil coating line, because it can directly affect the quality of the coating and the durability of the product. Therefore, the coating process is very strict, so what is the specific process of the coated aluminum coil?
Generally, the production process of coil coating has 5 steps:

Coated aluminum coil process step 1;

The input of raw material coil is the continuous uncoiling of the uncoiler to ensure the continuous and stable input of the coil to the production line. The cross-rotating beam type coil carrier can be adopted, or the double-set black and black alternate uncoiler can be adopted. These are for timely supply. roll:

Coated aluminum coil process step 2:

Surface cleaning and chemical treatment. In this way, the upper and lower surfaces of the aluminum coil can be cleaned and chemically pretreated to ensure that the paint can be firmly attached;

Coated aluminum coil process step 3:

painting. A production line has at least two or more wheel coaters to ensure two coats of topcoat and primer:

Coated aluminum coil process step 4:

paint layer curing. Coils that have just been painted should be cured before contacting the next roll surface to avoid sticking and damage to each other.

Coated aluminum coil Step 5:

Finished product output. In the process, it is necessary to ensure that the production line speed is synchronized with the transfer of the finished roll.

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