Aluminum coil material and model introduction-4000 Series Al Coil

The 4000 series aluminum coil is an Al+Si alloy (silicon content between 4.5-6.0%), which is an aluminum alloy with a high silicon content. This aluminum alloy with silicon as the main alloying element cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Mostly used for construction and some mechanical parts.

4000 series aluminum coil

4 series aluminum coils have the characteristics of low melting point, high temperature resistance and wear resistance, and are often used as welding materials.

The representative models of 4 series aluminum coils are 4a01 aluminum coil, a4043 aluminum coil, 4300 aluminum coil, 4032 aluminum coil, 4 series 4343 aluminum coil, 4 series 4A17 aluminum coil, 4 series 4A11 aluminum coil